KIAB Divorce & Parenting Class Testimonials

"Wonderful information."

"Very good speaking skills. Very personable."

"People of Divorce truly changed my life and my entire outlook on life during a very trying time for me. When I got married, I certainly prayed daily that I would never fall into that elusive 50% of couples who end in divorce....and after 5 years of marriage there I was sitting in "People of Divorce" class heartbroken and lost. During the first couple minutes I transformed myself from 'just get through it' to 'I will never be here again' mind set and opened my mind and heart to taking blame for what happened in order to move forward. I was shocked with the football analogy (offense/defense communication pattern) because that analogy was my marriage to a tee!!! I finished the class feeling hopeful as I now had tools to never let this happen to me again....I didn't need to hold the world on my shoulders...I had a place in this world of relationships too!!! Upon returning home, I put up the 'elements of a joyful relationship' and referenced it frequently. I took blame in my marriage failure but did not allow myself to consume myself with failure but look towards change and this class taught me this. I have since encouraged 4 different friends to attend the class---not because they are in the midst of divorce but because they are having the typical marriage problems. I left this class saying 'people getting married should take this class - not people getting divorced!'. Thank you for the life lessons I finally learned because like you say when you leave 'I will NEVER be back in this class again' I have now been divorced for 1 year on 10/29/15 and find that day as a day of freedom rather than the heartbreak that is often remembered. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU again for all your guidance....that 4 hours was truly monumental for my future!!!"

"I was very skeptical about the class. However, after listening to the presenter today, it made me realize how useful the information will be for me and my kids. The information presented today will help and guide me to help my children and have good communication with them."

"This was extremely helpful in a sense of an eye-opening experience. I swear this course was more useful/helpful than any of the marriage counseling I have ever had. Great job."

"I have had instruction in both book & classroom on many of those elements - both in work and personal relationships. This is by far the best 4 hours I have ever spent learning about the most important elements that affect my life. Bill is a VERY effective speaker and the content (& supporting stories) are top notch! Thank you!"

"Very informative. This information should be given to couples before they get married."

"I really appreciated the understanding I received from the 'When Life Works' model. I believe this will help me in my relationships with my children, my ex-husband, and other relationships."

"This course should be required before filing for divorce. It had some great tips and eye-opening information that would have been useful before filing. Still very useful going forward. Great tools to communicate with kids and offered resources to help the kids and co-parenting. Would recommend (the course) to people even if they are not getting a divorce - great parenting class."

"This class was a good class. Very informational. Helped a lot to explain possibilities of what went wrong!"

"I was glad to learn some of the tendencies of kids of divorce and how to handle those situations."

"I will recommend this program to others."

"Every parent, divorced/separated/etc. should go through this process/class. Very informative and gave hope to a success within a mess for the kids.

"This course was very useful. It will help me a great deal with how to communicate with my kids and how to become a better me."

"Give this class before marriage so that couples do not have to deal with divorce. I loved the class and it was very eye opening."

"Very enlightening for self and kids. Many new skills to think about and incorporate."

"I thought this was an excellent course."

" Very helpful! Great class; I learned a lot!"

"The information was very helpful in helping my relationship with my son and also very useful in all relationships in life."

"Excellent course. Best information I have received in the process of divorce. Thank you."

"I really enjoyed the information given to me. I promise to really take into consideration the Essential Elements of a Joyful Relationship."

"Second time getting a divorce. This class was more helpful than my last class I took. Thanks!"

"Very good course."

"I've felt so lost with my divorce and am walking away feeling hopeful I can help my children heal with the knowledge I learned here today. Thank you!!!"

"KIAB was an awesome course. Better understanding on what a child could go through during the separation of the parents. I will let others know about it. Thank you."

"The information given was very easy to understand and I was able to relate."

"Very informative and inspiring."

"Awesome teacher. This helped me a lot. Also changed my parenting. Telling anyone who is going through this."

"My children and I will benefit greatly from this training. Look forward to using models and continuing with the online forum."

"I love this course a lot! It answered a lot of questions I needed to know about my children."

"This was great for me. Me and my kids can use some of this. May God bless you."

"Very good."

"A lot of the information hit home for me and made me open my eyes to what is going on with my kids and why I am going through a divorce."

"Loved this program it opened my eyes to a lot!"

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