Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why won't my payment go through?

    There are many reasons why your method of payment is not being accepted. Here is a helpful link to Paypal with reasons for why your payment method was not accepted.
  • What if I'm charged twice or have other billing concerns?

    For billing concerns or problems please contact us at

    When a duplicate payment occurs in Paypal please forward a refund request including your email, phone and reason for the refund to peopleofdivorce@gmail
  • How long does it take to complete your course.

    Typically it takes about 4 hours to successfully complete our courses.
  • Who can take your courses?

    Our courses are useful for anybody experiencing the pain of family seperation or divorce including, family members, grandparents and friends supporting a loved one experiencing the pain of divorce.
  • Do your courses require any special software, browsers or plugins?

    The POD online classroom is completely web based and does not require any specific software or plugins. Our courses will work in all the major web browsers including Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Safari.
  • Do I need to have an email address?

    Yes, in order to enroll in the course you must have a valid email address. You can get one for free at
  • Am I able to take the course on a tablet or smartphone?

    Yes, our online classroom is optimized to work on a tablet or smartphone. However, for an ideal user experience we recommend using a desktop or laptop computer.
  • Do your curriculum meet the criteria for court required courses?

    Yes, in most cases our course curriculums meet or exceeds the requirements for classes required by Family Court. To be sure, we recommend you check with your court system to confirm prior to purchasing the course.
  • Does you provide course ceritificates for Family Court use?

    Yes, some of our classes include a certificate of completion. Certificates will be mailed to you 7 to 10 business days from the completion of the course. Certificates will not be mailed automatically, users need to use our simple certificate request form. Upon completion of the program and certificate request, users will be presented with a printable receipt of course completion for immediate use.
  • What do I need to complete this course?

    1. Access to the Internet whenever engaging the course
    2. The ability to print out the Course Manual
    3. The ability to print out the Course Completion Certificate
  • How can I learn about your privacy policy or terms of use?

    Please use the following links for more information. Privacy Policy / Terms of Use