Divorce Parenting Classes - Know the Effects of Divorce on Your Children!

The Divorce Classroom provides family court approved parenting classes and resources for adults and children experiencing divorce and separation. The goal of our parenting class (Kids-In-A-Break) is to help parents understand how divorce affects children, how to talk to their kids about divorce, how to communicate feelings and much more.

The effects of divorce are life-changing and lifelong for everyone involved. We can help you gain the knowledge to rise above the many challenges of divorce for parents and their children. Learn to navigate the dramatic changes occurring in your life, your kids' lives and create a brighter future by saying "NEVER AGAIN" to divorce.

KIDS-IN-A-BREAK: Providing the Necessary Support for Your Child of Divorce

NOTE: KIAB divorce class meets family court requirements for parents divorcing in most counties.


  • Class available 24/7 on computer, tablet and smartphone!
  • Full 30 days course access
  • Includes complete course manual, study guide and resources (PDF)
  • Get your Family Court required certification

Dynamic and insightful, this divorce class for adults already separated, divorced or considering such a life-changing event provides information and skills you need to rise above the troubles facing people of divorce, their children and helps them build a system of support.

Instructor Bill Schacht will deliver useful information through this eye-opening, online divorce class, designed for parents, grandparents, and step-parents of children in families already separated, divorced.

This class features beneficial information on a variety of topics relating to divorce and children including:

  • Talking to the kids about divorce
  • Changes in relationships with friends and family
  • Effective communication models
  • Financial issues, and more

Complete divorce parenting class outline

"As an Attourney and Guardian Ad Litem, I know the value of the information parents get from this course. It's a must for any family experiencing family seperation and divorce." -Penny Precour-Berry, Family Law Attorney

Want to take this course in person? If you live in Wisconsin, see our live seminar schedule